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Firefighter proposes during fire drill!

Here at Divine Events, we obviously love weddings. However, we realize that there was at some point, an engagement that has lead the couple to their big day.


So, we can also appreciate a great engagement story. Thanks to the World Wide Web, we are now able to be a part of people's engagements no matter how far they are.


This proposal video is certainly one to see!


A man who works for an Ohio fire department used all of his resources to make his proposal memorable.


From the sign posted on the fire truck, to the candy he brought to give out to the children at his new fiancé's school, this fireman thought of it all.


This proposal will go down as one of the sweetest and most memorable!


Click the link below to watch the adorable video of the Ohio firefighter proposing to his counselor girlfriend during a fire drill!




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~Happy Planning~


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