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Divine Events ~ The Best of 2013

TGF 2013 - Thank God for 2013!

I have been waiting on this year for a while to see what it would bring for my entire world! And you better believe 2013 was fabulous! I give all the credit to God!


As a family, we have gone through many changes:

1. We moved into a new home! PTL

2. We added a new little person to the Muex/Divine Events Family!! I had a beautiful son Earnest III, better known as E3.

3. Our Daughter started Kindergarten! - Can't believe it!

4. I became full time with Divine Events!


As a business, we have excelled in many areas:

1. We reached our 7th year Business Anniversary!

2. We hired Michelle as our Marketing/Events Assistant - She has been writing the blogs and FB posts :-)

More to come about her in a later Blog!

3. We've reached all of our goals for 2013, except for 1. ( I really want a van for the business-- one day it will happen :-)


As we leave 2013, just know it is not over! 2014 will be a great year for us! Love is in the air already and plans are coming together to increase business and reach more people.


I pray for much success for those reading this! That the desires of your heart are given to you like God has given me. I have such a supportive family and friend base and I appreicate you all!


To Earnest, my loving husband, thank you for all that you are doing! God gave me his best when he gave me you! I love you! To Angela, my beautiful daughter, thank you for being the sweetest little girl in the world! Mommy loves you! To E3, my handsome prince, thank you for your love! Mommy loves you!


To Michelle, you have ROCKED in your first month! I can't wait to see what we do together in 2014! You are such a blessing to work with! 


To my Family and Friends, your support has been amazing! I pray for you and your families and many blessings to you!


To my current and past clients, thank you for trusting me and Divine Events to make your events a reality! All that we do is with love and wish you the best in life!


See you in 2014!


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