Premiere Wedding & Event Planning

Premiere Wedding & Event Planning


Celebrating 8 years of Event Industry Excellence

8 Candles Representing 8 years with Divine Events!


Today, the day after Christmas I reflect on what has been the best year for Divine Events. Every year we get the best clients, the best wedding professional teams and help make the best memories not only for the clients but for us as well. We have seen so much growth coming from 2006 to where we are today. 

Insert the Drake song --- Started from the Bottom Now We Here!!! -- Love that hook of the song. 

But we are not here yet!

More things to learn, more people to help, more lives to touch. 

I remember when I started Divine Events like yesterday and the growth has been amazing. With the Support of my dynamic DE Team Members we have gotten better each year and continue to do so. The team would not be the same with out my consistent rockstars of team members - Cathey (Mom), Daphne (Sister); The best set up team members - Earnest (hubby) and Charles (Dad). New DE Team Member Shout out to Charlene W. and Shanta Y. who have been instrumental in DE's success in 2014.


I can truly say we are blessed beyond measures.

Here's to a great Year 8 and 2015. We are going to rock the St. Louis Events' Industry! 




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