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2014 Wedding Trends: The Unplugged Wedding

It is the age of technology. People cannot go anywhere without their cell phones. Cell phones are no longer just a form of communication. They are a means of updating social media, keeping track of your bank accounts, tracking the news and so much more.


When it comes to weddings, no couple wants to look out at all of their guests and see them all looking down at their phones.


An up and coming trend for 2014 weddings is the unplugged wedding. In the same way that couples offer a coat check to guests, they are also beginning to offer a phone check.


More and more couples are taking to the trend… some are even going so far as to ban phones at their wedding ceremony. The main concern is that people taking photos with their cell phones will get in the way of the professional photographer and their shot.


The real question is, is it kosher to ban someone from bringing their phone to your wedding?


There is a lot of discussion over this. However, the ultimate decision should be the couples’.


It is important that the couple read their photography contract closely. Even if they do not have an issue with guests bringing their phones, some photographers have a clause in their contracts the states there will be no other photographer and that people will not take photographs at the ceremony.


Although, it is difficult to control what every guest is doing, there are things that can be done to attempt to keep people from taking photos at the ceremony. For instance, The Knot suggests you can add a note about it to the wedding website or the ceremony program. In the note, state that you are asking guests to refrain from taking pictures or videos and posting them on social media.


When it comes to your wedding day, you want it to be perfect. If that means that you ask guests to refrain from using their phones, then go for it! It is, after all, your big day!

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