Premiere Wedding & Event Planning

Premiere Wedding & Event Planning


1st Year Full Time! Many More to go!!!!

This time last year, I was like many other people in the world. Thinking of making the biggest leap of my life - scared, excited, and crazy all at the same time. But with the help of my God, my loving, God-fearing husband - Earnest, Family and Friends....I DID IT!!!!! 

I made the the biggest step of my life by leaving the comforts of Corporate America, bi weekly pay periods, insurance and tri-mester bonuses to do what I love to do...

Divine Events

We have really been on the move!

  • On track to complete the most weddings and events in 1 year
  • Increase in the quality of weddings
  • Increase in Staff

But on the personal side of being full time I have more time with my family and really enjoying life. 

The vision and goals for Divine Events is coming to light. I am very happy and proud of the choices that have been made and ready to see what year 2 will bring. 

Be on the look out for more amazing weddings, events and more staff. 

The best is yet to come!!!

"I will declare that your love stands firm forever, that you have established your faithfulness in heaven itself." Pslam 89:2 NIV




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